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Our Mission

Startup Stir is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs. We host live events and online content to give innovators access to the tools, contacts and actionable advice they need to succeed.

We’re inspiring and educating a generation of emerging business leaders.

Volunteer at Startup Stir

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Volunteering At Startup Stir

We've got something for everyone

Startup Stir depends on the support of our dedicated volunteers and board members from the communities in which we operate.  Over time, our fans and followers approached us and asked how they can get more involved.

Volunteering with Startup Stir provides a great opportunity for professional development, networking and utilizing your unique talents in a fast paced, startup organization on a mission.

Ready to Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Involved?

Let's Talk

Which of the following are you?

I can help, but only a little!

  • In-Event Assistance

    Show up early to help set up, take tickets, manage the door, greet guests, etc.

  • Guest Blogger

    What do you know? We’re tapping the collective knowledge of our community to learn together. The Deal: Your words for the the attention of our audience.

  • Event Promotion & Brand Ambassador

    You've got friends who've got friends. Let them know what we're up to.

  • Speaker Engagement

    Who do you know? We have monthly programs on different topics and are always looking to broaden our network of prospective speakers and panelists.

Bring it on. I’m looking for management and senior positions.

  • Community Manager

    Community managers are the glue that holds our organization together. They're responsible for coordinating communications to the speakers, sponsors and audience members of our live events.

  • Senior Content Strategist

    A large part of our growth plan hinges on web and social content. If you’ve got a creative knack, you can help us organize the flow of content to our blog, email newsletters and social media.

  • City Lead

    Our 2015 strategic plan has us operating in 3 cities by year end with more to go in 2016. If you’re interested in opening a Startup Stir chapter in your neck of the woods, let’s be in touch.

  • Development Officer

    Are you hanging with the right kind of jet set founders and funded entrepreneurs who love what we’re up to? Know the grants world inside and out? We should talk.

Ideas, Comments or Questions?

We Want to Know